Friday, March 20, 2015

Goodie Bags for my Delivery nurses

Being that this is my second child, I am pretty aware of what the labor & delivery process consists of. I was shocked to see how little the OB actually does as. My nurse with Delainey was phenomenal and I meant to send her a gift afterwards and just completely got too busy and I couldn't remember her name. This time around I have decided to bring gifts with me to give to my main nurses. It can't hurt to give it to them early on either so they treat me with a little extra love and care;) Here are what my goodie bags consisted of:

(don't mind my skirt on the floor in the pic, lol. Clothes pushing against this big belly are not comfy!)
 1. Plastic reusable water bottle 2. drink mixes to fill it with: iced coffee, propel, or chai tea 3. gum 4. chap stick 5. candy: ring pop and jolly ranchers 6. notepad 7. cute pen 8. Starbucks gift card 9. I also added hand sanitizer, but it was not in the picture.

I made these cute little tags on my silhouette cameo and assembled the bags with some jute rope.
Here is the final product. I made 3 bags to be safe. Depending on when I go in to the hospital there could be a shift change (since they change every 12 hours) so I definitely wanted to have 2. I did a 3rd bag as a back up or if there's another nurse helping who I love I could give to them or to the Doctor. I am praying I don't need the 3rd though for a long labor that endures 2 shift changes:) I only had one nurse with Delainey so fingers crossed! 

I think the nurses will be very grateful for a little gift and a few "pick me up" items to get them through a long shift! And again now we just wait on Blakely to make her debut!

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