Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014 Recap

We had such a fantastic Easter weekend! It was spent exactly how I wanted to relaxing and playing with family. Thursday we continued our tradition of making resurrection rolls. When I ask Delainey where did Jesus die, she says on a cross. Then I would say where is he now and she says in the sky in heaven. Proud mommy! I know she doesn't understand all that but at least it is being engrained in her at an early age. These rolls help demonstrate how the tomb was empty. Here's more info about them from last year's post. Resurrection rolls link

 Friday we cooked out with Jeff, Kelli, and baby Georgia. Saturday we went to Joni's Easter egg party/hunt. It was decorated so nicely and Delainey finally stepped up and got competitive during the egg hunt. She was running around picking them up yelling hurry hurry. There was probably about 15 kids there which made it even more fun!
After the party and a nap, we dyed Easter eggs. D was actually able to balance the egg and dye them herself this year. A little messy but thats half the fun! 

Sunday morning Delainey ran to the living room to see what the Easter bunny brought her. She is just like David and sees something cool and wants to open it immediately. I on the other hand look at all my gifts then open my favorite first. It makes for a long process of actually looking at all of her gifts since each one has to be opened before we can look at another haha. She racked up this Easter! Of course her fave present was her new fishing pole which was put to use that afternoon. 
We headed to church for a fantastic message and then back to Grammy & Pops for lunch with the entire family. 
After lunch and a nap we headed to Gammoe's for dinner. David and I taught D how to use her fishing pole and she caught her first fish. It was a pretty large catfish. She was not interested in touching it. :) Like mother like daughter. We will catch them, you take them off the hook! 
 Dave's old friend from FSU, Brent Pease stopped by for dinner. It was great to catch up with him too since he lives in Atlanta. We had a great Easter weekend! I hope everyone else did as well and remembers Jesus is Alive everyday not just on Easter!

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