Monday, October 6, 2014

It's Another Girl!!

Sorry for the long hiatus but we have had a very eventful past week. I had to go to the doctor on Tuesday and then Tuesday night, Delainey got sick...coughing, throwing up, and runny nose and was on her deathbed until Friday morning. We pretty much just laid around the house watching TV and movies while I tried my best not to get sick. The fever finally broke on Friday and she is slowly but surely on the mend. Coughs are no joke, so I'm sure she'll be coughing for a few weeks. Atleast all is well with the family and we are moving on to hopefully a better week.

On Thursday, David and I went to do an ultrasound to see what baby #2 is. We chose not to look and have it written in an envelope. I gave Kelli the envelope and she bought the right color silly string for our gender reveal party on Saturday. While she was scanning around showing us the face and arms...I swore I saw some balls between the legs and left 100% positive it was a boy even though I went in thinking it was a girl.

On Saturday, we had over some friends and family for our "Touchdowns or Tutus" gender reveal party. Here are some pics of the details. I threw it together in a weeks time with a sick child so it was pretty low key. We just watched the FSU game and had some finger foods to eat on throughout.

At half time we went outside, counted to 3 and sprayed each other with silly string. I was so shocked when I saw pink come out of that can. I was absolutely positive it was a boy! Guess I saw something else down there. If you follow me on instagram or Facebook you saw a clip of the reveal. It was a pretty good reaction from me! 

As much as I eventually want a boy, I am actually really excited for D to have a sister so close in age. My sister is my best friend and I am so glad that D will have an opportunity for the same thing. Not to mention, I need basically nothing! I am going to move Delainey into a big girl room, so of course we have to decorate that, but the nursery is staying the exact same. All else I think I need is a new video monitor that works in 2 rooms, a double stroller, and of course lots of diapers!!

I was talking with Dave that night about how cheap this baby will be and he reminded me that yes this year its cheaper, but we now have 2 weddings to pay for! haha poor Dave! Now on to the tough part of coming up with another girl's name I love as much as Delainey. We will keep you posted on our decision. McLaughlin family = 1 boy + 3 girls :)

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