Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mickey's 'Not so scary' Halloween Party

Last Sunday after a week of being sick and a gender reveal party, we headed down to Orlando for Mickey's halloween party. It was definitely not the best time to go, but the bad thing about the party tickets is once you choose a date and buy it, they are nonrefundable. So we were heading to Disney no matter how we felt. D took a short nap on the way down and in no time we were there. She dressed up as Belle for the party as most of the kids and a lot of the adults do dress up. The best part of the parties are there is barely no lines to wait in. We ran around did the usual rides, tried a new ride called the Enchanted Tiki room with singing birds. I thought it was horrible, but Delainey loved it bc it's all she talked about the next day.

 She also was finally tall enough to do the speedway and even got to drive, while David controlled the gas. She really enjoyed that one! Preggo moms rides were limited, but I was fine with staying back and taking pictures.
 They had stations set up to trick or treat which was fun, but the lines were pretty long for that. We stopped by 2 trick or treat stations, got enough candy to last us through the fireworks and parade and headed to watch the firework show. It was a really good fireworks show, set to music! The parade I didn't love though. It was a little bit to scary for kids I thought when the zombies came out. I was unimpressed with the parade to be honest.

We beat the rush and made it back to the car and on the road by about 11:30. D was absolutely exhausted. I thought it would be perfect and she would sleep the whole ride home...wrong! She cried for the first 30 minutes that she wanted out of the car seat. It just isn't that comfortable for her to sleep in anymore. She finally cried enough to pass out. That lasted about 30 minutes until the crying started again. I finally gave her my phone to play on and she was up playing games the rest of the way home. Needless to say we won't be making the midnight trek home anymore. For the christmas party we will definitely be spending the night down there this time. Overall it was a good time, but I definitely like the Christmas party better...could be because I don't love halloween and am obsessed with Christmas..who knows. That's just my opinion! 

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