Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun Fall Activities

This week we have been on the mend and getting over our cold, while poor Georgia has been going through the thick of it. I think by the end of this weekend everyone will be 100% again. The first half of the week was spent at gymnastics, school, mom to mom, and lots of naps in between to heal our bodies. By Thursday things were definitely looking up, so we made plans to hang with our BFF Collins and her mom Alicia on Friday.
We had a blast! I don't know what it is about Collins, maybe that she is older and D looks up to her or is just obsessed with her, but whenever they are together Delainey is an angel! We went to story time at the library and the girls sat right up front while Alicia, Georgie, and I sat at the back. D sang all the songs, did all the hand movements, and sat silent criss cross applesauce while they had several books read to them. I was so impressed she could do that for a 30 minute period. After story time, they had a craft where we made fall wreaths. Then we headed to chick-fil-a for lunch and play time. It was such a nice relaxing Friday!

Today went to home depot, to get one of my birthday closet organization! I can't wait to install it and have some order to my clothes! Then we came home, watched football, napped, and then headed to a pumpkin patch with some friends. There was a playground and some crafts to do that were pumpkin related. D mostly enjoyed running around with her friends.

 Delainey and baby Weston
 Trying to get a group picture of all the kids...hilarious! 5 families worth of kids with 2 more girls on the way.

After the pumping patch, we all went out to dinner for hibachi. Delainey had never been and I was so excited to finally take her. Of course she loved the fire and sat in amazement the entire time. She even asked to use the kids chopsticks because Jack was. She did awesome, she ate majority of her food with chopsticks. Girl after my own heart! :)

Overall it was a lovely afternoon with friends. Guess this is what our weekends are going to look like from now on. I love it!

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