Friday, June 28, 2013

We are back in business!

Sorry for the week long hiatus! David has been away in Texas at a training and he took the computer with him. He got back tonight and we are so glad to see him! It has been tough being a single parent, but thank God for Terri who has taken care of D several days to give me a break. The past week or so have been pretty eventful. Last Thursday we went to the zoo with Gammoe. It was a day of firsts. We rode on our first carousel ride as well as on the train around the zoo. Delainey wasn't too sure about the carousel ride, but she managed to do okay.

 In other news, this week was our last week of swim lessons and we have been busy playing at the pool most of the days. We had a glow stick bath party one night. It was fun to have all the lights off while playing in the tub!

Today, we went to a new kids place called Discovery House with some of our friends from Mom to Mom. They had all types of music, dress up, kitchens, toys, anything you could think of. They even had a turtle and and a bunny she was able to pet. Delainey had a great time playing with all of the fun stuff. I was able to get a picture or 2 of her in her chef's outfit!

I will be back tomorrow with a post on Delainey's last week of swim lessons and few videos of her swimming. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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