Thursday, November 5, 2015

Blakely's 7 Month Update

Height: about 28 inches
Weight: about 16 lbs
Head Circumference: about 17 inches
Vision: I think your vision is 100% developed by now. Or at least it seems like it is. You are especially attached to Mama these days and anytime I walk past you, you are turning your head to try to follow where I am going.
Movement: You are rolling everywhere and starting to push up on your arms a little bit. Not close to crawling yet though. I am A-ok with that, because once you are mobile its a whole new ball game. Sitting up is a normal occurrence and you rarely fall. We still need to work on putting your arms out to catch yourself when you fall because you just topple over! Still grabbing at EVERYTHING you can get your hands on and your pincher grip is getting a little better.
Eating Habits/New Foods: Still eating 3 ounces every 3 hours, but thank the lord you are sleeping through the night so you get your last feeding around 9 pm and don't eat again till 7ish. We are doing more food this month, but it also makes you constipated so we are doing some miralax water or prune juice to wash it down. Your tongue reflex is getting better and you are enjoying more foods. Still don't like rice cereal or oatmeal. Only the good beans, prunes, pears, sweet potatoes. You are getting about 1 meal a day whether it be lunch or dinner. Mom is just lazy this time around and for the love could you please get some teeth so we can actually chew things! :)
Sleeping Patterns: We are back in business! With the Disney cruise approaching next week, I knew it would be a nightmare if you were waking up during the night since we will all be sharing a room. So we started last Thursday sleep training again. By Friday night you were good to go and you are sleeping from 8-9 pm to 7-8 am. You still take a morning nap around 10-11 and an afternoon nap about 2-3. Sometimes you will take an extra late nap too around 5:30 just depending on how long your naps were earlier in the day.
Sounds/Words: Still saying Mama all the time. When I walk by you, when someone else is holding you, when you want's constantly Mama! No other words yet, but lots of yells and screams. We can thank your big sister for that. Things are getting very loud around here when they have their scream offs!
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You sit up all the time now.
-You can reach your arms up to reach for Mama when you want to be picked up.
-You are eating and swallowing new foods better
-You can sit in the bathtub now and don't need the bath chair
-You can drink out of a sippy cup with only an occasional choke
-You had your 1st sleepover with Gammoe and slept through the night.
-You sleep through the night without feedings.
-You went to Disney World for the 1st time and loved all the rides!
-You celebrated your 1st ever Halloween and dressed up as Cinderella's mouse named Gus Gus!
Places you went/Adventures: You did all sorts of fun fall activities this month. You went on a field trip with your sister to Tommy's pumpkin patch and to her school fall festival. You went on a girls trip to Disney world with just Mom & Delainey. We did Magic Kingdom and Epcot and you were a gem. You loved watching all the rides. You went to the zoo, celebrated Moms birthday, and had your 1st halloween and dressed as a mouse.
Clothes: You are mostly in 6-9 month clothes. Most leggings and jeans are 12 months. We are in 9 month sleepers now. Still a size 3 diaper. I am so ready for fall and some cute sweaters, vests and boots for you!!
Sister updates: Delainey and you have been great together. Sometimes she steals your toys and you fight right back by yelling when she does. I love it! She loves picking you up and making you laugh. You are definitely obsessed with her and enjoy just watching everything she does. Not always the best example, but its fun to watch you imitate what she does.
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