Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rock the Universe & Islands of Adventures Weekend

**Disclosure: I did this post 4 days ago and fell asleep in the middle of it and never posted! Sorry!**

A few weeks ago I posted about how Delainey won tickets on the radio for a concert in Orlando called Rock the Universe. It is a christian concert at Universal Studios. In addition to the tickets, we also got passes to Islands of Adventure and Universal for the next day. Saturday after Delainey's soccer game we headed down to Orlando to have a nice little weekend getaway. The weather was not the best so we had to wait out the rain for about 45 minutes in a ride, but after that the rest of the night was nice! Universal was packed with people (really teens) who were there for Rock the Universe). We did a few rides, ate dinner, listened to some music, and called it a night around 11 pm. 
The minion ride was D's favorite of the night. 

My troopers were still going strong as we left Universal at 11 pm!

The next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to Islands of Adventure. We had a park hopper so we went to both parks.
At Universal, we found a secret back part that was FANTASTIC for kids! They had a live Barney Show, an awesome Curious George splash city, a ball factory with air guns to shoot people with balls (so fun), and an entire Fievel Goes West play area too.
Throughout the entire trip Blakely was surprise. Instead of sleeping this entire trip though, she was wide awake loving all the sights and sounds. She about jumped out of David's arms watching the Barney show. She is such a curious little girl!

This is the Curious George splash city! Mom wishes she brought her bathing suit too. It looked awesome.
I spy Delainey running by like a wild woman!
The Ball Factory
 Fievel's play area
Over at Islands of Adventure, we hit up the entire Dr. Seuss land. We did one fish, two fish was is like the dumbo ride. That was Blakely's 1st ride! She seemed to enjoy it! Dave and D did the carousel, and we both did the Cat in the Hat ride. For 90% of the rides we did the child swap where we all stood in line and then when it was our turn one adult would stay back and one would go with Delainey. After the ride was over we would switch adults and Delainey would get to ride again! Win win!

The rain started just as we were finishing Dr. Seuss land so we ran for cover and had a nice lunch in greek mythology restaurant. It was really cool inside. After lunch we headed to Jurassic Park land to do the flying pteranadons, the pic below is not us, but it was only Delainey and I who did it, so I had no one to take our pic. That was a fun ride.

Then Dave took D on her first huge ride! The fall on the Jurassic Park ride is about a 4-5 story drop and she did great!! All smiles when she got back.

Of course we had to hit up Harry Potter land for some butterbeer even though most of the rides are too big for Delainey to do.  Dave and D might have had butterbeer on Saturday night too. We also rode the train in between the 2 parks which was a first for me and was really neat. Overall we had a great weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised at all the things there was for toddlers to do. We will definitely have to hit it up's just hard to make time since we are such Disney fanatics!!!

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