Monday, September 28, 2015

Last week through the camera roll

The past week has been a pretty standard week for us with a few fun things mixed in with a cold for Blakely.
Last Sunday we enjoyed the first gorgeous day we have had in about 2 weeks at the beach after church. Blakely loved it now that she can sit up and actually see things. We built sandcastles, looked for shells, and put only our toes in the water! :) 

Monday we went shopping at the Town Center & Costco (one of Delainey's favorite places...mainly for the samples) We picked out her halloween costume there and she is going to be Cinderella from the new real life Cinderella movie.
 Tuesday she had school. Wednesday we had a Mom 2 Mom playdate at Chick-fil-a where we got to go in the back to see how everything was made. Everything is so fresh and handmade, not to mention cleanly so it just solidified my obsession with Chick-fil-a. They told me I couldn't take pictures back there though. Fun Fact: Chick-fil-a is the largest purchaser of lemons in the state of Florida for their fresh squeezed lemonade!
 Thursday, Delainey had school and Blakely and I just snuggled at home since she was sick and did her first ever breathing treatment since she was having trouble breathing from the cough and mucus. She surprisingly didn't seem to mind it to much. I put on a show on my phone and she was so fascinated that she didn't seem to notice it on her face.

That evening,  I finished packing and getting life ready for myself to go out of town for the weekend and leave Dave home with the girls! I'll be back in a day with my recap of my weekend away!

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