Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tracie's Bachelorette Recap

This past weekend, I headed to Atlanta for my friend Tracie's bachelorette party. It was my first time leaving Blakely overnight so I was really nervous. Mostly because she still gets up in the middle of the night a few times to eat, and I didn't want to keep Dave up all night having to feed her. To make matters worse, she had a cold and I did a few breathing treatments the day before I left so she wasn't sleeping well. But everyone survived so that's a win in my book!
We hit the road around Noon on Friday and surprisingly didn't get in that much traffic and arrived by 6. We had dinner the first night at a place called King + Duke. It had a fancy twist to traditional southern food. I had a sirloin steak with mushrooms cooked in bone marrow butter. It was pretty good. After dinner, we went to some bars in the Buckhead area. 

 We bar hopped to several places, went to a place called prohibition which was a speakeasy. It was really cool, you had to call a specific number and the phone booth opened to the bar. Our favorite bar was called stagecoach and it took us back to the good old college days! It also had these awesome bar stools which were made out of saddles. Everyone had a great time dancing the night away!! We stayed up WAY too late, but it was fun hanging with the girls!

Saturday we went to lunch at a place called Kalidescope, back to the hotel for a little lingerie party and then out for night 2.

The restaurant we went to for dinner was called Ecco and it was amazing! Legit Italian food so it was right up my alley! I had several salami's and cheese for my appetizer and an amazing sausage orchiette pasta dish. 

 After dinner, we headed to some bars in the midtown area, but we were all so exhausted from the first night that all but 3 of us headed home and were fast asleep by midnight. We definitely aren't as young as we once were. I was thrilled to be home early so I could wake up earlier to head home to my girlies! It was a nice little getaway, but I was so happy to be home. Trips away are definitely only going to be one night from now on...or at least till Blakely gets a little older. I miss them too much! :)

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