Sunday, September 6, 2015

Delainey's 1st Jaguar Game

Last Friday we took Delainey to her first NFL football game. She loves watching football on TV these days and I knew she would love going to a huge stadium to watch it in real life. Not to mention there are fun snacks and things to see. We choose a preseason game because all the regular season games are at 1:00 pm and that is just way too hot!! The weather was a little rainy, but luckily it stopped just as we were walking in and didn't start up again till after half time when we were walking back to the car. 

Of course she loved running up and down the huge ramps and checking out all the cool vendors everywhere. She might have got an ice cream AND some cotton candy while watching the game. (It's all about the experience) She learned the first down chant and had a blast cheering on the jags. She particularly was fascinated with the new pool area at the stadium and kept saying she wanted to go swimming. Little did she know it is about $250 a ticket to get in the pool area. She told me to get some money so she could swim when I told her it cost money. LOL

 Hopefully we can bring her back to one more game this season....definitely not till it gets cooler! Grammy and Pops babysat Blakely while we were at the game. Blake had a great time sucking on Pops' cold spoon! haha this was the pic I got while at the game. Gem babysitters right there! :)
On another note, we had a lovely day at home this week playing dress up and singing princess songs. Blakely is so entertained by her big sister...and I mean all the time! She just smiles and giggles whenever she's around.  Mom even put on a sparkly gown for the performance. LOL

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