Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Party & Noles Win!!

This past weekend was full of activities and it everything was fantastic! 

I started off by finding out that I am allowed to go with David next week on his work trip to.....SAN FRANCISCO! I am so excited and we leave this Thursday through Sunday. One of the doctor's backed out and it is just a lady PA so they thought it would be more appropriate for Dave to bring his wife since he will be entertaining some lady all weekend; which of course I was thrilled about! I will be alone on Friday from 8-5 and Saturday from 8-12 but I am no stranger to sightseeing alone so I am good with! 

Friday, we had our couple's supper club at Ashley and Carlton's house and the theme was Caribbean. The jerk chicken and fish tacos were fantastic and Delainey had a great time playing with her friend Wyatt. I never realized how tall D was until she was standing next to Wyatt who is 1 week older. She went to high five him and he had to jump to hit her hand. They had a dance party, held hands, and even kissed. It was cute. 
Saturday, Mom, Kelli, D, & I hit up the Italian American Festival for some real Italian food. It lived up to all my expectations and made me miss my Bumpa even more! I wish I still had him around to cook us his Italian food! They also had a little petting zoo there. D actually touched the goat and sheep...not a fan of the horses though. 
After lunch, I passed D off to Terri and headed out the Erica's for the Annual Pumpkin carving contest. I carved Minnie Mouse and it was pretty legit! I didn't win the competition, but I think I should have. We all had a great time hanging out and getting messy. 

The most important part of Saturday happened at 8 pm and it was FSU vs. Clemson football game. I was so anxious for the game and could not believe how great we are! Finally a team that is good! We had a great time cheering on the Noles! 

This week is a short one before we leave on Thursday. We will be busy packing for both me and Delainey to stay with the grandparents and then hitting up a pumpkin patch on Wednesday with our Mom to Mom group. Hopefully I can do one more post before I head to the West coast! Woohoo!

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