Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Emily's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

My sister-in-law Emily turned 30 today. Unfortunately for her, her birthday falls on New Year's Eve and everyone is too busy with their own plans so she never gets her birthday focused on. So Marica and I decided to make sure the attention was on her and throw her a surprise 30th birthday party.

Let me tell you it is tough throwing a surprise party! There are so many people to coordinate with, plus you have to make sure she is out of the house long enough to decorate for the party, and then you need an excuse to get her to go by the house. I was very nervous, but it actually worked and she was so surprised.

I told her I was having a party for her with my side of friends and the theme was "Roaring out of her 20s." I was doing a pre-party before we met up with her friends at the beach to go to the bars. We all dressed up in our 20s best and hung out at the house while enjoying some apps and drinks.

Then we sang happy birthday and I gave her a choice of 2 presents to open, but she could only pick one. Well the one she picked was a pass for her to swim with dolphins, which is a lifelong dream of hers. She was very excited, but of course wanted to know what was in the other. I let her open it and choose between the 2. The second was a roundtrip flight to New York City with me for a girls weekend getaway! Of course she picked the New York trip and I can't wait to go! Her reaction was priceless. She literally ran around in circles.
A little while after we "headed to the beach," but had to drop Delainey off at Marcia's to watch her overnight. As soon as we walked in, everyone yelled surprise and she was stunned. We had a great time playing flip cup, dancing, doing sparklers, and a champagne toast at midnight. The party was a total success and we had a wonderful new year's eve celebrating one of my best friends!! 

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