Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fun with Guns!

Since having Delainey, I am constantly in protect mode thinking about how I could protect Delainey if anything ever happened. Call me crazy, but I think everyone is out to get us and I never want to be caught with my guard down. This has led to my new desire to own a gun. With David traveling and working late hours, I wanted to have a gun to protect ourselves while in our home. Cue the concealed weapons class Dad set up. One of Dad's employees, Conrad, is an avid gun shooter and is trained to teach concealed weapons classes. So we all got together to learn how to use a gun as well as the laws behind having a gun. It was very informative and I learned a lot. After the class, we went to the gun range and got to try out different guns. This was my first time shooting and I was very nervous. 

Erin & I sporting our sweet protective glasses.
Conrad our instructor with all his guns.
I loved it! Some of the guns definitely had some kick behind them, but I think David and I found the one we want. Dad and Mom are buying David and I a gun for Christmas.
Here are some pics of the boys shooting.

And of course me feeling very cool shooting the Automatic Rifle while walking! Monthly shooting practice is in the McLaughlin's future. It doesn't hurt either that Dave finds a girl with a gun very attractive haha!

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