Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jessica's Bachelorette Recap

Last weekend we headed to Orlando, for Jessica's bachelorette party. The weekend started with a trip to Magic Kingdom.
After Disney, we all started getting ready to hit the town. It is quite the treat having 11 girls get ready in 2 hotel rooms. There was a lot of hairspray and make up that went into making us beautiful. 
We went to dinner at a sushi restaurant called Shari and then hit the downtown bars. There was a lot of dancing, just like the good ole' college days.
The bride &  myself

Saturday we did a little lingerie shower and got fancy for another night on the town. We went to a delicious restaurant called Ceviches. It was all tapas and it was phenomenal. We tried some different downtown bars but of course ended up at the same dance club for round 2 of dancing. 

It was a fantastic drama free weekend which is not always  easy with 11 alpha females! My keyboard on my  laptop is no longer working so who knows  when I will  be back with another post! Maybe Santa will get me a new  computer for Xmas!

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