Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All things Christmas update!

My lack of blog posts has been due to 2 reasons, 1 we have been so busy doing all types of Christmas activities and 2 my keyboard on the laptop is still broken:( so here is a recap of everything we have been doing over the past few weeks.

Delainey is obsessed with Christmas lights. Every night when we are driving in the car she looks around and says ooh pretty lights! We have taken her to a few special places to see some awesome light shows. Grammy & pops also took her to St. Augustine to see the Festival of Lights.

We also have been doing the Elf on the shelf. His name is Dash, short for Dasher and he flies to a new spot each night and brings Delainey a treat (piece of chocolate) from the North Pole. She wakes up every morning and says Where's Dash? And runs around the house looking for him. I'm not very creative, but she still loves finding him and getting chocolate first thing in the morning;)

We went to Dave's work party at Roy's restaurant. Talk about delicious food. It was a tacky Christmas sweater and we were definitely the tackiest couple there! I also won the 2 gifts for us at the white elephant exchange so that was a great night!

 We did our annual visit to the live nativity with Delainey where she got to feed a camel and pet bunnies, sheeps, goats and tons of other animals. She also enjoyed the huge bonfire and hot chocolate & cookies after. After the nativity we went out to dinner with friends, Maria & Scott and their son Parker who joined us for the nativity.

The next night we went to Luminaria in riverside and saw another small live nativity, sat on santa's lap and saw tons of houses and cars lit up driving down the road throwing candy! Delainey did great with Santa despite me betting that she would cry.

Then on Wednesday, our mom to mom group had a play date and ornament exchange with all the kids. Delainey had a blast on the playing outside on the playground and digging in the dirt.

Then Thursday, we had our girls supper club at Amanda's house and the theme was Christmas around the world. Everyone's dish coordinated with their heritage. We had tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, collard greens, caprese salad, and German chocolate cake. After dinner we split into teams and had a gingerbread house contest and of course my team won!

Friday was another party with some girls where we did "our favorite things" white elephant exchange and then Saturday was a party at the bishops house. Busy to say the least. We also got to enjoy some beach time on Saturday.

In the midst of all the parties, Tony and Brandi came in town and we celebrated Christmas early yesterday with them. Delainey got some sweet presents! She got some new boots, Nike tennis shoes, a tea ball set, and a trampoline which she's obsessed with.

Today she made some gingerbread cookies with Gammoe and read the story of the gingerbread man and tomorrow we will do our usual Christmas Eve traditions with a new one added in. We usually do church then dinner, and then go back to the house to play a game and get new pajamas to sleep in. I am adding to the tradition that during the day each year we will bake a birthday cake and decorate it to celebrate Jesus' birthday the next day.

I know this Christmas is going to be fantastic because Delainey actually understands what it's about and loves to open presents! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and remembers the reason for the season!!

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