Monday, April 29, 2013

Beginning of Birthday Week!

Birthday week is officially in full swing and we are loving it! She has been getting gifts all week and I can't wait for her actual  party. I am a little concerned about the weather, but praying it doesn't rain. We started off on Friday with a new jean shortall outfit from the gap.
Then Saturday, we went to Wyatt's birthday party so we skipped a day of gifts since it was Wyatt's birthday! This is the outfit she wore to the party. It was hot, but a lot of fun playing with other kids.
 After the birthday party, I headed up to Amelia Island for Krista's wedding.  It started off as a disaster because I forgot my dress in Jacksonville. Luckily, someone had an extra dress so all was better. It was a nice wedding and we had a fantastic time breaking it down on the dance floor. 

 Sunday, we went to the pool and celebrated Dave's birthday dinner at my mom's house. It was a delicious steak and lobster feast. It was D's first time having lobster and she really enjoyed it. Since it is birthday week, Delainey also got a really cute seersucker outfit from Grammy.
 Today, we are watching Dean and hanging out at the house. Today's gift was a Melissa & Doug shape sorter toy. Not quite there on the shapes, but fun to stack them all together.

 She also got this precious terry cloth cover up from Uncle Gary and Aunt Steph in the mail today!
What a great birthday week so far! We are off to run some errands for the party and celebrate Daddy's birthday tonight! 

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