Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Delainey was finally old enough to partake in the Halloween festivities. She learned that a ghost said boo and how to say trick or treat. Everywhere she went she was pointing out decorations and pumpkins. So for halloween day we had to dress in a festive halloween onesie.
That evening we got dressed for our first trick or treating adventure. She dressed up as her favorite cartoon character Minnie Mouse and looked just precious! It was difficult keeping the ears on but once she realized it meant candy she didn't touch them again! 

David had to work, so we went over to trick or treat with my friend Alicia and her daughter Collins. Her and D are best friends! There ended up being about 10 total kids and the neighborhood was packed with kids.

We brought the wagon along so they could relax and eat candy as we moved from house to house. :) D was no dummy. She would get her candy and want to open it immediately. We brought some candy home, but most of it was devoured the second she got it!

She never actually said trick or treat. She did a lot of please and thank you in sign language and grabbing it out of people's hands. We also happened to run into our old buddy Dean who I used to babysit for!
We had a great time and I know this will become such a fun tradition we can do! Here's a little video clip of her going up to people asking for candy. 

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