Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FL vs. GA weekend

Florida vs. Georgia weekend was upon us again and I think I've finally gotten to the age where I am not that excited for it. We contemplated going to Tally for the FSU game, but ended up just staying here.
Friday night we went to the San Juan del Rio fall festival. Delainey got to ride on a train, jump in the bounce house, do the cake walk, and ride in the dumbo ride which she hated! I think we are still a little young for any wild and crazy rides. Of course the best part, the whole reason I go, is to eat the Filipino food.

 Saturday we ended up heading downtown to do some tailgating and hang with friends. We took the water taxi across the river so we didn't have to deal with parking. It was by far the best idea we have ever had.
We walked around to a bunch of different tailgates, saw lots of people we haven't seen in forever, and made our exit by half time to get home for the FSU game. 

We scooped D from Grammy and Pops and spent the rest of the night on the patio watching the Seminoles whoop up on Miami with a bonfire next to us. It was a lovely evening. I can't believe we are into November! Ahhh...I love this time of year and all the holiday fun that comes with it! In other news, Delainey is 18 months today...officially 1 1/2 years old! I will be back with a monthly update soon!

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