Sunday, April 14, 2013

49 Weeks & Dave's new job

It has been such a busy week as far as Delainey goes! I don't know if it was being away from her for the weekend that I forgot how smart she is, or she just learned tons of new things while I was gone! (Thanks Grammy!) She is talking up a storm and it is so hard not to laugh. She has started mocking me and saying no, no, no it is so cute! She also says uh o! She is using the please sign all the time now and she is pointing at what she wants then will say please. My favorite is her excited face and she will say oooo in amazement. Also this week she is officially walking everywhere. No more crawling for this gem, which means a few skinned knees and decent falls but she's tough! New foods we have done are pickles, chicken salad, baked snap peas, and beer bratwurst! Warning TMI, but I wanted to document it: Dave was getting Delainey dressed today and let her run around naked. She definitely started grunting and pooped on the carpet for the first time; it was hilarious!

In other news, Dave has been interviewing with a new company, Stryker, for the past few months. He really loves his current job, but they approached him and tried to get him to switch companies. After many interviews, background checks, papers to fill out, and all the other good stuff that come along with a worldwide company, he has accepted the job and starts tomorrow. He will be doing the same thing, but the biggest perk of the new job is the benefits. No more health insurance coming out of my own pocket!! Yay! This weekend was spent getting to know his new co-workers. Friday, we went over to his co-worker Ralph's house for dinner and to get to know his wife. We brought baby D and had a really nice time just hanging out and getting to know each other. Last night, everyone he works with and their wives all went bowling at Latitude 30 for some team building. Everyone seemed really nice, and we had a great time. BTW Latitude30 was a really cool place. They have bowling, a restaurant, a bar with a dance floor and band playing, a comedy club, and a movie theater where you sit in lazyboys and order food during the movie. I am definitely going to be trying the movie out soon.
D's excited face!

So that pretty much sums up our weekend. We did do some wedding dress shopping for Jessica on Saturday and also some projects for Delainey's party. 3 weeks to go...feeling the pressure.

Here's a video of D walking!! 

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