Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ralph's Surprise Retirement Party

This past Saturday, my parent's threw a surprise retirement party for Ralph. For those of you who don't know Ralph, he is like my second father, boyfriend to my dad, and all around hilarious, great guy. We have known Ralph for the past 18 or so years and it all started with him and my dad helping coach baseball together for Ralph's son Darren. Needless to say they hit it off and have been best friends since.

The theme for the party was "Ralph's road trip" and we highlighted all of Ralph's favorite places: Jacksonville, Chicago, Naples, and the "Concession stand" since he spends so much time following his son around the country watching him pitch for the Orioles. Even Ralph's oldest son, Kyle, from Atlanta was able to make the party.The decor and food turned out fantastic. Here are some pictures of the party.

After everyone was done eating, we had a little Roast of Ralph which ended up with some hilarious speeches and gag gifts!

Also one of the highlights of the night for Delainey was getting to see a real firetruck and take a tour through it. One of Ralph's old ball players is now a firefighter and they stopped by to eat and congratulate him. They let D run around in the truck afterwards. It was so cool and she kept making the ambulance sound.

It was a fantastic night celebrating a Fantastic guy! We love you Ralphy!

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