Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Week

So school has officially begun this week which is bittersweet. It means no more fun vacations or play days with Grammy & Kelli since they are busy teaching, but it also means we are getting back in to a routine of my gym, mom to mom, and maybe even some storytime and zoo days. I can't wait for Mom to Mom start up again the first week of September. I miss the girls, but I really miss the lessons and time to learn each week.
This week we have been staying busy trying to get in our last few trips to the pool and beach before it starts to cool off. On Monday, we ran errands and hung out at the house. Delainey is obsessed with shoes lately. She pulls them all out and tries on all of them. Her vans from Aunt Erica are currently one of her faves. Model pose!

Tuesday, we went to the Discovery House and out to lunch with Alicia and Collins. Crazy Delainey is too wild to sit down and do art, or play dress up so we may wait a little while till we go back there.
When Dave got home that night they have a fun evening playing with bubbles and sparklers! What a great Dad!

Wednesday, we headed down to the St. Augustine Beach Pier. They have a splash pad right on the beach and on Wednesdays they have a farmers market. I got some good produce and we had a great time playing around. The beach was absolutely gorgeous too. There was probably 100 yards of sand before you reached the water. We will definitely be coming back soon!

Thursday, we went to the zoo with some Mom to Mom friends and today we spent the day at the house doing some deep cleaning. We had quite the eventful week. I'm sure it will only get more hectic from here as fall always does! My favorite season of all!

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