Friday, August 23, 2013

Minute to Win It Supper Club

Last night I hosted girl's supper club at my house. The theme this month was "Minute to Win It" based off of the TV game show. We had a night little dinner and then the games began. We split into teams and played 6 different games. Here are all the games set up as a centerpiece
These are the basic ideas of the games. (Of course I was using my phone for the timer so I don't have many pictures)
1. Junk in the Trunk: We had to tie an empty tissue box on our butt and jump up and down and shake it to get 6 ping pong balls out of the box. 2 of the girls did it in less than 5 seconds. The rest didn't do it so quickly.
2. Dizzy Mummy: 1 person had to spin in circles until an entire roll of toilet paper was wrapped around you. I got so dizzy doing it but of course was the fastest.
3. Swinging Orange: tie an pair of pantyhose around your waist with an orange in 1 leg. Swing the orange to hit another orange across the floor. Hilarious!! 
4. Chandelier: Stack coke cans starting with 1 on the bottom then put a paper plate, then 2 cans on top of that, then a plate, then 3 cans & plate, then 4 cans. Not too difficult
5. Go Nuts: Stack 6 nuts (like nuts and bolts) on top of each other using only a chopstick. Very hard if you have shaky hands. Of course the nurses did the best! 
6. Dice Balance: Balance 6 dice stacked on top of each other on a spoon being held in your mouth. It is all about the bite on the spoon. 

We had a great time laughing and playing games. Delainey had a great time too running around. She stayed up till 11 with all the girls! 

Today Delainey and I had a lunch date at the new Maple Street Biscuit Company in San Marco. It is unbelievable!! Probably the best fried chicken and biscuits I have ever tasted. I got a biscuit with fried chicken topped with maple bacon and cheese covered in sausage gravy. I highly recommend this place!
No big plans for us the weekend, just starting to celebrate Birthday week for Mom and Kelli! Woohoo! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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