Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite ladies!

It's a little late but this week has been pretty hectic and I have not been able to blog. So I would like to formally say Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite ladies: my mom and my sister!! You guys are my best friends and I could not imagine life without you. I am lucky enough to have both of them within 5 miles of us and they are always helping and loving on baby D. I love you both dearly.
We celebrated Mom's birthday last weekend with a pool day after church where we enjoyed Chicago beefs and just hung out. We did a little dress up as well as some floating in the pool.
Yesterday, we celebrated Kelli's birthday by going out to dinner at a restaurant called Black Sheep in Riverside. The food was good, but small portions.

In other news, I started to doing some Christmas shopping and bought Delainey 2 things. One of which was some Baby Signing Time DVDs. When Delainey saw them in the mail, she absolutely freaked out with excitement so I ended up giving them to her. I guess I only got one Christmas present for her :) How can you say no to this face.
I also picked up some sweet baby Nike Shox at a consignment shop the other day. How cute are these shoes! 

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