Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Update

We had a very relaxing weekend. I am happy to say I have been following through with my New Year's Resolutions so far! Saturday we had a little family outing to the park and then cooked out for dinner with Lala & Babe. We have still not had a date night for the month of January, and I'm worried we will not with all the things going on over the next 2 weeks. Hopefully we can squeeze a night in. The weather has been so crazy here. It's freezing one day and warm the next! This is D at the park.
I just loved Delainey's outfit she wore this past Sunday to church! I think she may be getting a molar or 2. She hasn't been sleeping well and has been fussier than usual. I can't see a tooth breaking through, but I am not sure what else could be the reason for her being a little grumpy. 
Yesterday after nap, I went into her room and found her sitting on the dresser looking at pics! She is quite the monkey. She now climbs her dresser in the closet by stepping on the knobs like she is rock climbing. Ahh! Time to batten down the hatches even more! 
D's latest obsession is band-aids. Every day she asks for a new band-aid. She will say this is just pretend. Today she told Gammoe she needed a band-aid because she had an ouchie on her nose. She came out with a band-aid on her nose. It was hilarious! 

And lastly Kelli's baby shower has finally arrived this weekend! I've completed all my crafting projects and think that everything should turn out great! We are going to head down there Friday to set up so we are ready to party Saturday morning for a baby brunch! Here's a little sneak peak of 1 of my crafts that turned out awesome! I'll be back after the shower with a whole post and pictures! 

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