Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kelli's Baby Shower - The Details

Today we celebrated Kelli and baby Georgia who will be here in no time! Her nursery is decorated in golds, pinks, and mint, so we used that as our inspiration for the shower. Everything turned out great! All my little crafts and cameo cutting projects paid off and made it look that much better.

We did a Bubbly bar for drinks with a variety of different mixers and fruit to put in your glass. The gold ball stirrers looked real nice, but definitely weren't practical and were thrown away very quickly once people grabbed their glass. Everyone enjoyed the bar seeing as how we needed Pops to come down and bring us more champagne towards the end of the party.

 The food was brunch themed so we did all types of breakfast items and milk & juice. The milk jugs were cute but not many people were interested in them. Leslie made some delicious cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches that were a big hit!

The dessert table was inspired from a pinterest picture (and actually the whole shower) and it turned out even better than the original picture. Everything came together so nicely. Besides how nice it looked, I think it was the best cake I have ever tasted in my life! 

Here are a few other miscellaneous detail pics. Some of the entryway where I crafted the gold Georgia sign, made baby bingo cards, and gave away nail polish as party favors. I also made the sign in the frame and the gold mason jars holding the flowers.

The party was a success! Of course it would have never been possible without several people helping along the way. Allie did a great job with the dessert table and helping set up. And of course I couldn't have done it without all my moms help in the home stretch! As I walked into the room today, I told my Mom how lucky I am to have such an awesome family to help and always be there. It was great having my mom, cousin, and "cousin-in-law" there to help with every single thing! I love you guys so much and am so grateful to have the best family EVER! 

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