Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

I can't believe 2012 is over! It has gone by so quickly but is by far the best year of my life to date. Here are some of the highlights of 2012!
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 Nothing to exciting, but recouping from the holidays
 Celebrated David & I's 5 year wedding anniversary
My sister threw my baby shower for me, Got to see Delainey in 3D/4D, Took Maternity pictures
 Last day of teaching for hopefully a long time, Took my last trip to the beach before baby D arrived, Did lots of nesting to prepare for the baby
Delainey Marie was born, Took her to the beach for the 1st time, I celebrated my 1st Mother's day
Traveled to Wisconsin for my cousin Melissa's wedding, Joined the blog world, Dave celebrated his 1st Father's day
Spent a weekend in Savannah, Went to Seaworld, Went to the Keys for our annual lobstering week
Delainey had her baby dedication, Went to New Orleans for Tony's wedding, Joined My Gym
Joined Mom to Mom at the church, Delainey met her great-grandma Cora in Atlanta, Started our monthly girl's supper club
I started tutoring on the side, My sister threw a surprise birthday party for me
Went to Cashiers, NC for 4 days, Celebrated Delainey's 1st Thanksgiving, Started babysitting Dean
Celebrated Delainey's 1st Christmas, Threw our Annual Christmas party

2012 was a fantastic year and I doubt 2013 will top it, but we can always try! I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve & Day!! Cheers to 2012 one last time!

BTW did anyone notice the amount of parties my sister has thrown this past year?!? 2 HUGE parties for me, the Christmas party, and I think atleast another 4 or 5 parties. She is definitely in the wrong profession :) Love you Kel!!

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