Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend in Savannah

We just got home a few hours ago from Savannah. I am such a neat freak whenever I get home from a trip I immediately unpack everything and do a load of laundry. I just can't handle clutter all over my house. HAHA. Anyways we had a great time in Savannah this weekend. Yesterday, we got up early and arrived to Savannah around 11 am to our friend Gregg's house. We hung out a little bit then went to lunch on Tybee Island at a restaurant  called the Tybee Social Club. It reminded me a lot of the Keys (very beachy with touristy shops). The other couple coming in town met us at lunch. We enjoyed lunch and drinks on the deck and just caught up. (Delainey was a champ as usual and everyone was loving the hooter hider!)

After lunch we hung out at Gregg's and the girls sat on the porch and caught up while the boys hung out inside and drank some beers. It was so great just to have some girl time like the old days. 

Then we went to downtown Savannah to hit up a few bars to have some drinks and walk around. We ended up eating dinner in the City Market and hanging out outside listening to some live music. Savannah isn't very kid friendly after 10 pm so we ended up coming home around 11. 

The handsome boys

Delainey's stroller fan was a huge hit. I highly recommend them if you live anywhere in the south. There is a considerable difference in how much cooler she stays with it on. 

The girls

Gregg & D making a funny face

Today we got up and had lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in Savannah called the Crystal Beer Parlor. The burgers and desserts were delicious. After lunch we headed home. 

Overall it was a great one night getaway especially because we got to hang out with some of our favorite couples! We will definitely be frequenting Savannah more often.  


  1. What a fun blog and life you live love the blog title!!

    1. Thanks Ashlee! Your blog is great too! I will definitely be stealing some recipes!