Friday, July 6, 2012

9 weeks

Tuesday, July 3rd marked Delainey's 2 month old birthday! Our 2 month doctor's appointment isn't until next Tuesday so we are going to wait to do our 2 month update until after the appointment so we have more information to write.
Yesterday she turned 9 weeks old and we snapped a few pictures of her. She is getting such a personality and starting to move a lot. Taking pictures of her is getting tougher each week! :)

Today we are just laying low and I am packing for a little overnight trip to Savannah tomorrow. One of my very best friends from high school (Jessica) dates a guy who lives there so we are staying with them. It's only 2 1/2 hours away so a one night trip is no big deal. Another one of my best friends (Morgan) and roommate all through college is coming down from Atlanta with her boyfriend. The 3 of us used to get into some trouble back in college so I can't wait for us to all be together again! :) I will post some pictures on Sunday when we get back! Have a great Weekend

Jessica & I

Morgan & I


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