Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Delainey - 1 , Mommy- 0

We have been blessed with a pretty good sleeper. Delainey usually gets a bath around 9 pm and eats then she hangs out with her Daddy until her next feeding at midnight. After the midnight feeding, she sleeps till 5 or 6 am, wakes to eat and goes back to bed till 8:30 or 9. Sometimes we get real lucky and she sleeps till 10.  She has been doing this for several weeks now so I figured it may be time to teach her to sleep through the entire night. So off I went to google to read about the Ferber (Cry it out) method. It made sense so I thought why not give it a try for a few days. (David also liked this method of sleep training. I'm not a horrible mom who wants her kid to cry all night long while she is starving to death. He was on board too.)

So last night we did our normal bath routine but after the 9:15 pm feeding, we put her down for bed. She did great and was asleep within minutes for several hours. Instead of going to bed too while she slept, I had to stay up and watch The Bachelorette so we didn't end up going to bed until 1 am. D was still sound asleep; I couldn't believe how easy this was. That was until 3 am when she started crying. I took her out of her crib and fed her and put her right back in bed. She fell back asleep and I went back to my room. That lasted all of 5 minutes until the crying began. I waited 5 minutes then went in to give her the paci and left. 5 minutes later the crying continued. This time I waited 10 minutes before I went in there. This pattern continued till about 4:30 am. At that point I was so tired of going back and forth, I found a pillow and a snuggie and laid on the floor of her room. The pattern continued; she was wide awake and not going back to bed. Finally at 5:30, I gave up and let D win. I took her out of the crib, fed her again, and then rocked her till she went back to bed. She cried 30 minutes later, so her Dad went and grabbed her and let her snuggle in bed with him till our 7 am wake up call.

Moral of the story, Delainey won that one last night and mom is pretty tired running on 3 hours of sleep. We actually just got home from our 2 month check up and I asked the doctor when she should start sleeping through the night. She said she weighs too little to be able to hold enough food in her tummy to last past 5 straight hours. So we will put the Ferber method on hold till she gets bigger. Does anyone else have any good tips to get her to sleep through the night? Or should I just be happy with what we are doing because it really isn't too bad?

I will post shortly on how her 2 month check up went with some pics!

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