Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 Month Update

Height: 24 1/2 inches - 97%
Weight:  11 lb 14 oz - 75 %
Head Circumference: 15.6 inches - 75%
Vision: You can now see clearly 24 inches in front of you. You can follow people and objects well.
Movement: You are much more active with those hands & legs. You can hold onto objects when mommy puts them in your hand and your legs are constantly kicking. During diaper changes you stretch out as much as you can with your arms above your head and your toes pointed.
Eating Habits/New Foods: You are still eating every 3 hours during the day. Every 4-6 hours at night. Sometimes if it is a hot day or you sweated a lot we feed you every 2 hours so you don't get dehydrated. You tried pedialyte for the first time this month and you liked the strawberry flavor. You take a bottle like a champ now. We are still doing 3 ounces, but we  are pretty close to moving to 4 ounces per feeding.
Sleeping Patterns: You nap for about an hour in between almost every feeding. At night you fall asleep around 11-12 and sleep until 5 or 6 am. You wake for your feeding and then go back asleep until 8ish. I feed you again and then we snuggle in bed and sleep till 9:30 or 10
Sounds/Words: You are starting to coo and make noises after you eat. The 30 minutes after a feeding are my favorite. You sit up on my legs and smile and make faces at me. You try to mimic what I'm doing and make noises when I do.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
      -You have definitely discovered your feet. You spend lots of time staring at your feet as you kick them in different directions.
      -You got your ears pierced at your 2 month appointment. It was very traumatizing for Mom so I didn't watch. You yelled at the top of your lungs like you have never yelled before, but once both ears were done, you calmed down in about 2 minutes. You will appreciate me getting your ears pierced at an early age because you won't remember the pain.
     -You also got your first round of vaccines at your 2 month appointment. You took them like a champ and  did not let them bother you at all afterwards. No fever, just a little tired after the Doctor.
New Friends I've made: We went to the neighborhood pool this month and met Matthew Ishee one of mom's co-worker friends.
Places you went/Adventures: We went to the pool a lot this month and tried out your new float. We also went to Krista Gartley's Engagement Party. We went down to the Mason's love shack and went on the jet ski and cooked out. We also went to Savannah with daddy and stayed with Jessica and Gregg. Morgan and Andy came to see you too. We went out to eat and walked around downtown Savannah.

Happy even after getting her ears pierced!

 Band-aid from shots today :(

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