Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Orleans Weekend Recap

So today is Tuesday and we are just now getting back into the swing of things from the long weekend. On Thursday, we headed over to New Orleans with intentions of stopping in Pensacola and staying for the night to break up the trip. Delainey was doing so great we decided to just continue on and drive straight to NOLA. We got there around 9 pm, checked into our hotel and then headed to Bourbon street to grab some food and meet up with everyone else. Let me just say this was my first time to NOLA and I thought it would be okay if we brought D on Bourbon St. Boy was I wrong! We went one block in, found a place to eat, then sent the baby home with Marcia while we all partied it up.
D was trying to hold her bottle on the ride over. Such a big girl!

Bourbon Street

On Friday morning, we all met up to go have lunch and walk around the city. We had lunch in Jackson Square then walked around stopping occasionally at different bars to get drinks. After our stroll around the city, we headed home to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. It was at a restaurant called Drago's and it was AMAZING! I hate oysters and they were delicious. They were chargrilled with a herbed butter and breadcrumbs. All of the food was delicious and once again after dinner we headed to Bourbon street to bar hop while Marcia kept D at the hotel.

The gang in Jackson Square
 D's rehearsal dinner outfit. This pic doesn't do it justice. I never got a good one with her bow on. :(

Saturday morning we woke up and had a brunch buffet planned at the Court of Two Sisters. It was delicious, and we all know I can eat some food so buffets are right up David & I's alley. There was a Jazz band playing and mimosas were being served. It was a really nice place. After that Kel and I went to the reception site to help set up for the wedding. It turned out to be really nice. There were candles everywhere with lots of cool little touches like signs and lanterns. We then went home to get dressed for the wedding and headed over. It was extremely hot, but other than that everything turned out good. I think we had too much fun in the photobooth. All in all it was a great weekend spent with friends and family. Here are some pics from the wedding.

Please don't mind the naked baby. She was very hot in her dress so we let her hang out topless. :)

 She got some beads for taking her top off. HAHA

I'm still looking for a picture of Delainey in her dress if anyone has one please let me know. Can I just add one more thing? I just want to let everyone know that I have the BEST mother-in-law in the world! The entire weekend she watched Delainey while we were out. And I'm talking feeding her bottles at 2 and 3 am while we were still out at the bars. She took care of her during the wedding too. I can't thank her enough for making this weekend so great for us. You are the best Gammo!

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