Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"My Gym" Class

So school started back this week. For me that means, losing all my people to play with. Mom, Kelli, Marcia, and even my coworker friends have gone from hanging out during the day with us to unavailable until the weekends. So Delainey and I decided we would need to get some hobbies to keep us busy during the week. We have already signed up for a Mom-to-Mom class every Wednesday at our church, but that doesn't start until Septemeber. The two other things we are thinking about doing once a week are taking sign language classes (I want to do sign language with D before she can speak to communicate with us) and gymnastic classes to work on her motor skills.

We had a free trial today for gymnastics class at a place called My Gym. The class we took was for kids 6 weeks old up to 1 year. We really enjoyed the class. We sang songs that stretched them and got them familiar with their body parts, we went through a maze, we did flips off of our legs, rocked on a balance boat, swung on a swing, and rode in a zipline hot air ballon. D really seemed to enjoy the class. The class is kind of pricey and I am not sure how much she will benefit from it until she starts crawling or at least can sit up on her own. I think we are going to wait a little while to start the weekly classes, but it is definitely in the back of our mind when the time comes. Here are some pics from today's class.
Here's a pic of the kids getting a ride on the swing

D playing in the balls. She didn't know what to think of it.

The class definitely was a workout for her. She is knocked out on the playmat as we speak. Does anyone know of any other fun classes we could do to keep us busy during the week for a 3 month old?

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