Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Recap - Atlanta Visit

This past weekend we traveled to Atlanta to introduce Delainey to Cora, my Aunt Linda, cousins Sam & Gillie, and Morgan's kids Kate & Mary Liz. A lot of the weekend was spent in the car, but D was a champ and didn't seem to mind too much. We arrived in Atlanta Friday night around 7 pm and enjoyed a spaghetti dinner made by Morgan & Andy. It was nice to just hang out at the house and catch up with them.

Then Saturday morning we headed down to Aunt Linda & Uncle Chris's house. We got to hang out with Cora for a little bit then we headed to watch my cousins' softball games. I can't believe they are already 16 years old. They are such sweet girls. After their game we went back to the house to hang out and have lunch. Delainey sat on the floor and played with the girls for a long time. It was so great to see Cora; D's only living great-grandparent. Hopefully we can get them down here for a visit in the near future.
 4 Generations
All the girls
After our visit, mom and I hit up Ikea for a few items. We ended up buying another bookshelf to put in Delainey's closet for her 100s of books, an entertainment center for the TV up stairs, and all types of other goodies like candles lanterns, and placemats. I will put up some pics once David assembles the items.
After Ikea we headed back to Morgan's to watch football and eat dinner. They had the girls at their house that night so they could meet D for the first time. Mary Liz and Kate kept fighting over Delainey. It was so cute watching them play with her. I think they need a baby sister or brother in the near future don't you think Morgan? *wink wink*
This morning we got up and headed home. I was so blessed to walk into a spic and span house! David dusted, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the microwave out, cleaned under the coach...I think I may go out of town more often! It was glorious! We had a good trip, but there is definitely no place like home. Nothing like hanging out on the couch watching TV with the family. (Or sleeping on the couch haha)

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