Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cashiers Vacation

This past weekend we headed up to Cashiers, NC to stay with David's family. Marcia's sister Aunt Linda has a house up there in the mountains so we decided to visit. The weather was a little bit cold, but I loved it. We got in late Wednesday night and went directly to bed for a big weekend ahead.

On Thursday, we hiked around her house and hit up the local shops and stores around the city. Summer is Cashiers busy time so a lot of the shops were closed, but it was still really pretty. I personally loved the view in the winter because all of the trees were dead so you could see the mountains better.

 The only remnants of snow
On Friday, we went to a near by city called Highlands and shopped around the town. Then we headed home for dinner and to just hang out by the fire.

 All the ladies from the weekend.
Saturday, we started off the day with an hour and  half horseback riding tour through the woods and up to the top of the mountain. I was a little hesitant at first since I had a bad experience when I was around 8 years old on a horse, but I actually loved it! My horse was so great and I learned alot about controlling them as well. I will defintely be horseback riding again.

After horseback riding, we headed over to Aunt Linda's cabin house to check it out and look at the property. It was a really cool old build from the early 1900s with all wood siding and very old kitchen appliances. Aunt Linda offered the cabin house to us anytime we wanted, but I think D and I will stick with staying in the big house since it's alittle bit scary/creepy since it's old. Here are some pics of the house and the whole gang besides Mary Beth & Craig who were taking the picture.

It was a great relaxing weekend up in the moutains and I am sure we will start to make this a McLaughlin family tradition. I am so glad Delainey got to spend some time with her extended family. Unfortunately though all trips come to an end and you are left with the worst part of all, the drive home which was 8 hours. So Emily and I decided to keep ourselves entertained by playing with Delainey. She is such a trooper and a fantastic traveler!

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