Thursday, August 30, 2012

Delainey's Baby Dedication

Luckily I wrote this right after it happened because I just got the pictures today. Here it finally is!

On Sunday Delainey, David, & I participated in our church's baby dedication ceremony. It is basically us publicly saying that we will raise our daughter to love the Lord, and provide a strong Christian foundation for her upbringing. They also ask the family members if they will help. It is a short and sweet ceremony. The difference between a baptism and dedication is that in our church we wait until Delainey is old enough to accept Jesus as her savior to do the baptism versus doing it while she is a baby and has no choice.

After Church we all went back to my mother's house for lunch. When I was growing up, we had a Sunday tradition of going to my grandpa's (Bumpa's) house for a spaghetti lunch after church. It is one of my favorite memories because all the cousins and kids could play while the parents got to hang out. Once we have more kids, we will hopefully carry this tradition on at my parent's house instead of going out to lunch. 

We decided to relive the tradition for her Dedication party. We had a feast for lunch that included salad from Buca di Peppo, spaghetti and meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, sausage peppers and onions, cake pops, and a pizookie (cookie cooked in a deep dish pan then topped with ice cream; it's heavenly!) Everything was delicious. After lunch we all just hung out and talked. People who were there included the Richie's, the Griffin's, the McLaughlin's, the O'Days, Kenty, & the Turbedsky's. It was an awesome day and we are thrilled to have such a supportive family to help us raise D to love the Lord.

Also, Aunt Kelli & Uncle Jeff bought D a jewelry box for her dedication present. I have been wanting a jewelry box for her for quite some time but couldn't find one. I used to have one with a ballerina that spun and I wanted the same for her. Kelli found the perfect one at Potterybarn Kids. Delainey loved it! She stared at the ballerina spinning forever. Thanks guys!!

Overall it was a fantastic day that we will remember forever!!

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