Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nole girl from the beginning!

We had a very nice relaxing labor day weekend. On Friday night we hung out at the house while David and Kent started working on making Cornhole boards. Like all projects Dave takes on, it is much more complicated then they expected and they are still working on them 4 days later. The girls just hung out inside and watched a movie. Dr. Melissa thinks she has a free pass to do anything to Delainey since she's a doctor. This time she felt the need to let her suck on her beer bottle. D hated it! (Clearly she doesn't take after her daddy!)

On Saturday we dressed up in our FSU attire for Delainey's first ever game day. She looked precious of course. We went up to the Ale House to have lunch and watch football. Then we headed over to Grammy and Pops to hang out while David had to go into a surgery since he was on call.

Sunday we went to church and lunch then jumped on the boat to head to the Conch House in St. Augustine. Every Sunday is Reggae Sunday with a band and tons of people. It was a lot of fun until David once again got called into a surgery so we had to cut our trip short.

Monday we just cleaned the house and watched movies, then headed over to Gammo & DoDaddys (David's parents) house for dinner. It was a nice relaxing weekend. Today we had D's 4 month check up and I am starting my Timed Exercise workouts. 4 month STATS are coming soon in the next post. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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