Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Here we go again! :)

This picture is pretty self explanatory. It is time to get this party started again. I am sure there are a lot of you guys who have been following my page to see when I was going to try for Baby #3 AGAIN. Back in October I posted that I would probably do it the beginning of 2017. Well what most people don't know is it takes about 2 months because there is a month of prep work ahead of time. So while I hoped to actually do the implanting in January or February, I am scheduled to do it on March 17th.

The reason I waited is because David's insurance benefits changed in 2017 to cover infertility issues. Talk about God's redeeming love...the day after my miscarriage while I was still so upset, I received a letter in the mail that said IVF would be covered up to $25,000 lifetime maximum. It was as if God was saying, stop worrying about it Jamie, you can do it again, and I'm taking care of it this time. David seems to think the miscarriage was ordained by God because he just knows we are destined for twins. (He thinks twin girls to be exact)LOL  So instead of sticking with my initial timeline, I decided lets wait and see if these insurance benefits really do pan out. I was told it would be quite the process of enrolling in a special infertility program and then filing an appeal to stay with my current doctor since he was not one of their preferred doctors. About 4-6 weeks for the whole ordeal. I was telling myself hopefully by March I would be approved so I was looking at a summer IVF cycle.

So I called on Jan. 2nd to get started and they said can your assigned nurse call you tomorrow at 10 to get some more details. I of course said sure...let's get this long process started. She called the next day, I gave her my history and she said I was enrolled in the program and ready to go. Excuse me what?!? She already checked my benefits and saw Dr. Brown was not a preferred doctor so she approved him herself and I could do IVF tomorrow if I wanted to. I was so excited! So much for weeks of calls and appeals. It was done! So I called Dr. Brown and was in on Friday getting on the IVF calendar. It was too late for January and February was full so sounds like God thinks March is a good month for me. St. Patrick's Day to be exact. Hopefully the Luck of the Irish will be with me that day since I am a McLaughlin and all. :)

I don't start the meds until February 3rd so once that comes, I will start with the Infertilty Fridays again to keep you all in the loop. February 3rd happens to be my 10 year wedding anniversary too so this was totally meant to be! Things are lining up just too perfectly! Please start praying for me and a baby in the future. I contemplated blogging  my journey again because I don't want God to use me again to show triumph amidst tragedy, but that is what I do not want not God. If he needs to use me then I am going to be open for all to witness. Thank you so so much for your continued support and prayers as we start this journey again!!

PS: If you are new to the blog and have no clue what I'm talking about, click the Infertility tab at the top and it will link you to all the past blog posts.

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