Monday, January 23, 2017

Life lately through the camera roll

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA. I promise to get back on the wagon soon and start posting more regularly. I just feel so tired by the time I get in bed and am ready to blog. So here is what's been happening lately. Blakely turned 12. HAHA no but seriously this month has been crazy how much she has changed. She is a sassy talkative girl who loves to sing, dance, and play with her Sissy. 

 Last weekend we spent most of the weekend. Doing trim around our windows downstairs. I keep forgetting to take an after pic of how awesome it turned out so I will try to do it tom and do a house update post.
Monday Delainey didn't have school so we went out to a trampoline park with friends Collins and Sadie. Blakely liked it almost as much as D did. Delainey particularly liked the Ninja Warrior Course because "she is going to be a ninja warrior" when she grows up. The course was a little big for her, but she could do some things. Girl definitely is strong and can climb a pole!

 Blakely sported her first ever leotard for gymnastics last week and looked so cute. Nothing like some matching sisters. D can do her cartwheel and is ready for Level 1 now.

 The weather last week was amazing. I laid out 3 days, one of which the girls played in the pool despite the freezing water temperatures. We are going to live in this pool all summer long! Blakely starts her infant survival rescue lessons next week so hopefully she will be a little swimming fish in no time too!

 Dave went to Dallas this past weekend for a work trip so I took advantage of doing no house work and decided to have a mommy daughter date with Delainey. Saturday morning we headed down to Orlando for some Seaworld fun with a stop at Ikea. Delainey dictated the day so we spent most of the time playing in the Kids area going on small rides and running around in the splash park. We did get to enjoy a free Francesca Battistelli concert while there which was awesome. I loved watching her sing and dance and hear about Jesus. She is turning into such a sweet young lady! We ended our day with a McDonalds cheeseburger and a milkshake! It was a good day and I love just having some one on one time with her!

This week we are just laying low and doing our normal activities. And hopefully finish a few things at the house. Next weekend Dave and I are off to Charleston for a weekend getaway to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!! Woohoo!

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