Sunday, January 29, 2017

Blakely's 22 Month Update

Height: about 35 inches
Weight: about 27 lbs
Head Circumference: about 20 inches
Vision: We are good in this department. Nothing to report
Movement: You are a maniac! You run so fast now I can barely keep up and you love to play tag and have Sissy or me chase you. You are great on the stairs going up and down although sometimes you stand at the top and yell for me to come get you. You can totally go down on your belly though feet first. We are working on kicking the soccer ball and throwing. Just some basic athletic skills. You love going to gymnastics class. You can hang on the bar for a good 10 seconds, do a handstand and a forward roll.
Eating Habits/New Foods: You love your milk before bed and before nap time. Occasionally mom gives you juice but most of the day your drinking water. As far as food goes, Breaskfast usually consists of granola bars, yogurt, sausage, and fruit. Lunch is cheese, smoothies, salami, cucumbers, tomatoes, crackers, pirates booty, chips, applesauce, pouches, raisins, chicken nuggets. Dinner is usually what we eat, but you especially love noodles, hot dogs, pizza, peas, chicken, corn, edamame, and green beans.You would eat edamame every meal if I let you. You also love Chinese food and Chick fil A. Everytime you see it you yell out "french fry!"
Sleeping Patterns: You are sleeping through the night. We did just take away your pacifiers so it has been a fun few days, but you have actually slept really well without them. You sleep from 8 pm to 7:30 am. You take one nap in the day between 12-1 and it lasts for 1-2 hours. Since moving in our new house, you love to be rocked to sleep. Every nap and bedtime you say "rock you" so we do that for a little while before bed.
Sounds/Words: You are a full blown talker. We have nice in depth conversations and you are learning new words every day. You are also learning songs. You usually pick up a few of the words and then just sing random words throughout the rest, but they are in tune so its pretty impressive. You talk about Jesus and Sissy a lot and you love the word No. You have learned your manners and say yes ma'am and its so cute with your little lisp.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You can fully talk
-You are still in a crib but looking forward to switching you to your big girl bed in the next few months
-You got rid of the pacifier and stuffed in your bunny at build a bear.
-You celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and moved into a new house since your last monthly update (3 months ago)
-You love playing with your sister and repeating anything she says or does. She is an awesome big Sis, but sometimes she gets you into some trouble.
-You love reading books all the time and you are obsessed with your baby doll.
-You are staring ISR tomorrow so hopefully we can add swimming to the list by your 2nd birthday!
- I signed you up for preschool this fall!
-You sported your first pony tail
_You went to velocity trampoline park and loved jumping!
Places you went/Adventures: Since our last update which was in October we have done lots! We celebrated Thanksgiving at Grammys, Bought a new house, celebrated Christmas where you got ridiculous amounts of toys, moved out of Grammy's house and into our new house. We visited Mickeys Christmas party with all of your cousins including the twins, and have been busy getting our new house all set up.
Clothes: You are in 24 month or 2T clothes in all brands now. Size 6 or 7 shoes and we just moved up to a size 6 diaper. I am about ready to give up diapers and do some potty training.
Sister updates: You and Delainey are such a blessing to watch. Since moving into our new house I have really seen you guys grow up and learn to play together so well. You both go upstairs to the play room and play for hours. Occasionally I will hear a yell or scream and footsteps of someone chasing the other, but for the most part you get along really well. Delainey loves teaching you how to say new words and go potty in the big girl potty. You are getting to a fun age as far as communication goes even if it means your a little sassy!

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