Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Off to the Big Apple!

As some of you may remember, my sister-in-law Emily turned 30 on New Year's Eve and we celebrated with a Roaring 20s party and we gave her a flight to New York City. Here's the link to Emily's party. Well the time is finally upon us. Tomorrow, Emily and myself will head north for a 3 day girls getaway weekend! I am so lucky to have my cousin let us stay with her so that saves a ton of money.

We have a loose itinerary for the weekend. On Friday, Emily wants to do some touristy things such as see the World Trade center memorial and the statue of liberty. We will probably walk through chinatown and do all those fun things.  I asked for some dinner recommendations on Facebook and got tons, so we decided to try one of them out and have reservations for Friday night at Tao. I'm really excited about that.

Saturday we are looking to stay a little more low key and maybe rent some bikes and ride around central park, do some shopping, and just stop for food and drinks wherever we want! Saturday the weather looks nice, but Friday is iffy. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain! I'll be back with tons of pics of our trip or you can follow me on instagram if you can't wait till after the weekend! Woohoo!

Here are just a few pics of what we have been doing lately. Lots of pool time, playing outside, and spending time with Georgia!
D after gymnastics

 Thursday we had a sick day where D threw up in her carseat so we busted out the old one to see if she fit while the other one dried. Still meets the weight requirements; I don't think she meets the height haha! (I'm not too sure what she was sick with. One throw up and she was fine)
 We just barely kept up with our New Year's Resolution of one date night a month. We snuck in a dinner at Moxie on March 29th! I love date nights! 
 She's naked about 80% of the time she's outside. 
 Georgia Rae Griffin - 2 weeks old! 

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