Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New York City Recap

Emily and I headed to the big Apple on Thursday night an arrived at Megan's around 11 pm. We decided to just catch up and hit the hay early so we would be well rested for the big day ahead. Unfortunately it was a cold rainy day. It was more of a mist than a true rain which was not as bad. We started the morning by getting breakfast at a local bagel shop. It was heaven…homemade bagels, homemade cream cheeses, breakfast sandwiches… We liked it so much we ate there all 3 mornings. After breakfast we hit up the World Trade Center Memorial and battery park to see the Statue of Liberty. Emily opted out of the ferry ride to see it due to the weather (I was so glad we didn't have to go on the ferry). Not my cup of tea. 

After doing some sightseeing, we decided to head to Soho to do some shopping. We met Megan for lunch at a restaurant called the meatball shop. You got to choose between 5 different types of meatballs and 5 different sauces to make your own combination sliders. Delish! After lunch we walked thru Little Italy & Chinatown and bought a few "fake" purses and watches. 

 We headed back to get cleaned up and hit the town for dinner and drinks. Dinner was at Tao. I didn't love it to be honest. Our reservations were for 10 pm and we didn't get seated until 11:15. A guy sitting by us said it is always at least 1 hour past your reservation time! What's the point of a darn reservation then!? The food was just average (not worth the price) and the decor was cool but very loud with some techno music. After dinner we met up with Megan at her bar and hung out with her for the remainder of the night.

 Saturday, we walked from Megan's through Times Square to Central Park. Probably a good 2 mile walk. When we arrived at Central Park, Emily was ready to get off her feet so we took a Pedicab through the park which was very cool! I learned tons about the park and they pointed out all the famous hotels that were in movies such as home alone 2...
It was a lovely day, so we spent some time looking at all the sights and watching some street performers. Of course they recruited Emily to participate in the show. 

 Then we had lunch at the Boathouse which had a lovely view of the park. This restaurant has been featured in tons of movies too!

 After lunch we headed to the "Top of the Rock" aka the rooftop of the Rockefeller building. We chose this instead of the Empire State building because it is much less crowded and you get the Empire building in your view from here.
The Empire State building is between us.
 After our busy day, we headed back to Megan's to freshen up. We had dinner at a place called Eataly and I am obsessed with it. It is an italian market where you can buy homemade anything…pasta, cheese, meats, sauces, fish…you also can eat there at the bars where they make the food or you can sit down at their "restaurants" in the market and have an actual meal. It was heaven! The meat and cheese platter was awesome and then I had a homemade pasta in a short rib ragu. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting NYC.

After dinner we hit a few bars, but ended the night at Megan's bar. This was the only pic of us I got that night. Sorry it's so blurry. We were joking we were the leather bandits because we all had on leather jackets just in different colors. 
We had a great trip, but a very long day traveling home on Sunday. I was ready to see Delainey and of course nothing at the JFK airport is on time. We eventually made it and boy was I glad to lay in my own bed that night. 

While I was gone, I bought some Disney on Ice tickets for David to take Delainey to. He kept sending me pics and videos of her freaking out at it. She loved every second of it. I was so sad I missed seeing her reaction to it all, but I'm glad they got some father/daughter bonding time. Best dad ever! 

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