Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day trip to Disney with Collins

Yesterday, Alicia and I decided to take the girls down to Disney World for a day trip. We bought the FL residents deal where you get 3 days for $129. We are using 2 days for Delainey's birthday so we needed another day to go! (Any excuse to head down there! I love it!) We got up bright and early before the sun came up and hit the road. Delainey is so my child. We are morning people! And I mean I  opened her door and she sat up in bed and said I'm awake! and hopped out of bed and ran out the door.
We got to disney around 9:30 and actually got into the park by 10:30. It was pretty crowded being spring break time. We borrowed Alicia's friends second seat and lived the dream with the dual stroller! (Please note I also made the girls matching Minnie Mouse shirts, except they would not cooperate to take 1 single picture together without their leashes on.

Once we got in we hit up It's a small world, The little mermaid, dumbo, the barnstormer roller coaster (which D got off and said "That's too fast"). Then we grabbed some lollipops to keep the girls happy and headed over to watch the parade. It was nap time at this point and there was no chance these girls were sleeping so we gave them some sugar to push through. After the parade we did Winnie the pooh, Country bear jamboree, and enchanted tales with Belle. We were losing the girls quickly and the lines didn't help. After Belle we headed to get some food, where they both had a small melt down and decided it was time to head home despite wanting to stay. We ended up leaving at 7.

 Of course D was asleep within 10 minutes of being in the car. Tips for any mom taking their kid alone: you must have a leash to corral your child while in line, bring a paci or soothie toy to help them take a nap in the stroller, do the fast passes at the beginning of the day before some fast passes sellout, and sneak a beer in to easy the stress of taking care of a tired kid all on your own! (haha jk on the last one, but boy was I exhausted by the end of the day) I can't wait for our 2 day trip for Delainey's birthday. I will have some reinforcements too to help with D which will be awesome!

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