Thursday, June 22, 2017

(In)fertility Friday

I've got news...and it's good! Dr. Garcia got my genetic test back on the fetus and everything came back perfectly normal. So it was not a partial molar pregnancy! That means no waiting for another 6 months and no chance of having abnormal cells (possibly cancer) left in my uterus because it wasn't there to begin with. I do still have to get my HCG blood levels down to 5 or less and we are making our way slowly but surely. 2 Weeks ago I was 123, last week I was 40, and yesterday I was 15 so hopefully be the time I do my next one it will be all the way down. Usually when you are close to zero you get your period so yea that will be fun! (insert sarcasm) We are actually going on vacation to Cashiers, NC on Sunday for the week so hopefully it waits until after that to come! :)

So all systems are a go for an August 24th transfer day. That's my Mom's birthday so it's a good day to begin with. :) The birth control will start again in July and then we are back to the shots towards the end of July. I will be gone next week so I won't do a post but after that I should be back in business with my Infertility Fridays as I will have stuff to post again. Let Round 3 begin! Xoxo

This was my journal entry from this exact day last year in my Jesus Calling devotion. Crazy to think of how much has happened over the past year. Lots of ups and downs, but more spiritual growth then I could have imagined one year ago so for that I am thankful! 1 year later and writing the same thing today. As I start my IVF journey...

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