Friday, April 14, 2017


Hey Guys! Sorry I didn't get to this post last night or sooner today, but we have been BUSY! Last night I got home at 11 pm and just wanted to die I was so exhausted. We had bible study then my ultrasound then dinner and some shopping at the town center then Disney on Ice. I feel like I haven't sat down since 7 am. 

Anyways I am sure you are furiously reading to see what the ultrasound showed so I will get right to it. There is 1 healthy baby growing. He searched around for 2 but only found 1 so 1 it is. The heartbeat was 130 bpm and sounded good. It was measuring at 6 weeks and 3 days and I am technically 6 weeks and 4 days so that is good! He gave me the go ahead to move on to Dr. Garcia, but I told him since miscarrying last time I would prefer one more ultrasound to make me feel a little better. He was totally good with that so I have another one on May 2nd. So really almost 3 weeks away. I will be 9 weeks at the point so if that turns out good I will feel better moving on to Dr. Garcia. 

I am optimistic but still very tentative about saying I am pregnant and will have a baby come December. 6 weeks is early and a lot can change between now and another 7 weeks. So we will see. Keep the prayers coming that this baby is healthy and continues to grow on track! 

Dave wasn't able to make it because of a surgery so Grammy came and we brought the girls with us. It was a circus in there, but Delainey loved hearing the heartbeat. She told Dr. Brown she wanted another girl to add to the family :) Time will tell, and we will be happy with whatever the good Lord gives us! 

No serious symptoms yet, some occasional nausea and occasional boob soreness, but nothing consistent yet. I am sure that will kick in in the next week or so. So I will be continuing on with the same meds for another few weeks! 

 Yesterday night we met up with Dave and went to Disney on Ice. The girls loved it! Blakely sat so still in astonishment of everything going on. It was by far the best one yet that we have been to.

We have lots of plans of Easter egg hunts, church, lunch at Grammy's, dinner at Gammoes. Lots of fun for this Easter weekend! I hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back to do a recap of some of the Easter activities so far! XOXO

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