Monday, April 10, 2017

Blakely's 2 Year Old Update

Height: 34 1/4 inches .... 61%  (3 inches shorter than your sis at 2, but everything else is the same)
Weight: 28 lbs ... 67%
Head Circumference: 19 1/2 inches.... 93%
Vision: We are good in this department. Nothing to report
Movement: You are a wild woman! You have actually gotten pretty fast and I have to jog to catch up to you. You love playing tag and racing Mom and Sis. Your new obsession is jumping. You like jumping off of things on to the ground. You are cautious though and will usually only do it if you are holding Moms hand. You scoot down the stairs on your bottom now and soon will be walking down them on your own. You can do a handstand against the wall in gym and do a forward roll on the cheese mat by yourself.
Eating Habits/New Foods: Well we have decided you are a bird! You don't like 3 large meals. You are 100% a picker who eats every 2-3 hours but small amounts. You don't like to eat for a solid hour when you wake up and even then it's like half a granola bar or a smoothie, or a few pieces of fruit. Usually around 10 you will have another snack which is a pouch or pirates booty or fruit. Then 2 hours later you will have lunch. You like salami, pepperoni, chicken, chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, cheese, most any fruit, crackers, pretzels, edamame. Then you have another snack after nap and then eat what we do for dinner. You are obsessed with noodles, meat, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale chips, and crispy brussel sprouts. You still do whole milk 3 times a day, but I am trying to cut back on it so you eat better instead of drinking your calories.
Sleeping Patterns: You are sleeping through the night, most nights. Occasionally you will wake up and yell "Mom, more milk" and I will give you more milk and you go right back to sleep. Dr. Mary said no more of that so we had a few days of crying it out and you are back to sleeping through the night. We still do one nap around 1ish and you usually sleep for 2 hours. Bedtime is around 7:30-8 and you wake around 7-7:30. You definitely still need the nap. You are so fussy by 2 pm if we miss it!
Sounds/Words: You are a parrot and the things you say now are hilarious. It just sounds so funny when a 2 year  old says it vs a 4 year old. You literally repeat every word your sister does. You yell a lot and make yourself known. In the car when Delainey is trying to talk you will interrupt her and just yell. She gets so frustrated and then you look at her and say shush sissy! It's real lovely lol! You have learned our dinner time prayer, learned some new songs, and are really beginning to be interested in the disney princesses and all their songs and movies.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You can hold full conversations with people
-You are still in a crib but only because mom is lazy and likes having you stay in bed where I put you.
-You are potty trained!! We just did it last week and you are doing great at it! Still doing a pull up at night though.
-You celebrated your 2nd birthday with some friends and family at the house and went to Chuck E Cheese
-You graduated from ISR and can swim. You are still timid around our pool but in the warm pool you do just fine.
-You are loving Disney princesses and dress up. Ariel and Elsa are your current fave right now. You also love playing with your baby dolls and changing their diapers.
-You went to your first fair and loved the rides
-You spent a few weeks with ALL your cousins
- You went to Seaworld with Mom & Sis
Places you went/Adventures: Seaworld, the beach, swim lessons, fun with cousins, tons of days at the park, gymnastics, and the YMCA. The clay county fair, trips to St. Augustine, lots of trips shopping with Mom and countless days playing in our backyard/pool.
Clothes: You are in 2T clothes in all brands now. Size 7 shoes and we are officially potty trained. No more diapers only pull ups.
Sister updates: You and Delainey are the dynamic duo. You love each other so much, but love to pick on each other too. You copy everything she says and does. If she stands with her hands on her hips, so do you. If she puts on pj's so do you. It is cute, but it is tough on Delainey because she has to behave 24/7 so she doesn't teach you bad things. Which of course doesn't always happen. You girls are at an awesome age. And when either of you are by yourself, you don't seem like yourself and are so lonely.

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