Friday, April 7, 2017


Hey guys! I can't believe it is already Friday again. I feel like the weeks have been flying by. We had some friends from Atlanta stay with us last night so it was a busy day/ morning today playing with them. D had school. We had our pavers fixed, straightened the granite on our outdoor kitchen, did some shopping. All those fun things!

As far as fertility goes, we are just hanging out. No symptoms at all. I have to remind myself every now and then that I am pregnant because it doesn't feel like it yet. It'd be great if I felt like this the whole first trimester, but that wasn't the case with any other pregnancies so I probably have another week or two till it kicks in. Other than that we are still taking the crinone and doing the shots twice a day. I have my ultrasound next Thursday so I should have something for you on my next Infertility Friday post. I will be 6 weeks pregnant on Sunday so hopefully there will be a heartbeat next Thursday. I love how you are already 4 weeks pregnant when you find out you are. Makes it seem like you are a lot further along. LOL

I finally got my official results online from my blood draw on Friday. My progesterone was 14.5 which is good considering my body isn't making progesterone on it's own. The crinone is providing it all and it is not detected in blood tests. Here's a screenshot of my lab portal. :)

We are off to the fair this afternoon and have lots of soccer this weekend with a few Easter egg hunts here and there.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be back soon with Blakely's 2 year old update and some pics of our outdoor kitchen! XOXO

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