Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Fun

Well our Easter weekend didn't go exactly as planned because Delainey got sick. I am pretty sure she had the flu and had a very high fever for 3 days so we missed some Easter egg hunts and other activities, but she rallied to make it to church and do dinner at Gammoe's. Here are some of the things we were able to do before she got sick. (BTW I am doing this post from bed because she so kindly passed her illness on to me. This is day 3 of it so hopefully I'll be better after today and PRAY Blakely doesn't get it!) 

D had a Easter egg hunt last Wednesday at school and Blakely got to join in. 

 We made some resurrection rolls with all the cousins one day after swimming. 

 We sported our new Easter shirt to Bible Study Fellowship
 We dyed Easter eggs on Friday
 Sunday morning the girls opened their Easter baskets. Even though Delainey knows the Easter bunny isn't real. She helped me put together Blakely's basket and I told her she was now in the Mom club, but needs to make sure she keeps the magic alive for Blakely if she wants a basket too. :) So of course she ran around saying Blakely the Easter bunny is real.

 We made it to church and Delainey did great in the adult service with the whole family!

 So although the flu has invaded our house, we still had plenty of fun and celebrating. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and celebrated Jesus' death and resurrection!

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