Friday, March 24, 2017


Can you tell from the title of the post I am counting the days...really hours and minutes to be exact. My mind is totally playing tricks on me and I hate it! One day I am 100% certain it didn't work and I am not pregnant and that is fine. I convince myself that its for the best, I am going to have even more growth in the waiting and I will do it again and it will work when the timing is better. Then the next day I am sure I am pregnant because it has worked the past 2 times so why wouldn't it work again statically speaking. Heres a glimpse of what my mind thinks. If it worked why don't I have any symptoms... let me look back at my blog and see when I had symptoms last time... what about the time with Blakely...why didn't I give more detail when I was pregnant with Blakely... lets google when other people started having symptoms...oh it says some people could tell by day 8 with a pregnancy test...some didn't till day 10...but that girl did on day 6... should I try today and take a pregnancy test...what if its no because it's too early... I should just wait...but what if its a yes and I am sitting in agony for longer than I need too... and it goes on and on and on. :(

Physically I feel fine. Getting used to my heparin shots in my stomach and the crinone is no big deal at all. I feel completely normal. It's all just in my mind. So I will continue to wait till Wednesday to have my blood test which will give me the true answer and who knows when/if I will take a pregnancy test in the next 5 days. Atleast I'll be busy these next few days. Today I am prepping food and decorations for Blakely's 2nd birthday party tomorrow and Delainey has a soccer game then on Tuesday it is actually Blakely's birthday so we are going to go to Chuck E Cheese for that. She will not stop asking to go there lol. So keep the prayers coming, really more for my sanity these next few days but of course that it worked as well. Thanks guys and I'll be back Wednesday night with the blood results. XOXO! Oh and I am getting my outdoor kitchen installed as we speak so stay tuned for some pictures of that!! It's gorgeous!!!

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