Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blood Draw Results are in and...

I'm pregnant again! Well at least for now I am! :) Woohoo! I had my blood draw today and my HCG level was 219. Really anything over 5 is good. Unfortunately, it is no indicator of 1 or 2 babies so we will just have to wait another 3 weeks for that. I do have another blood draw on Friday where they make sure my numbers are doubling. If so then we are good to go until the ultrasound at 7 weeks. Isn't this all sounding very familiar again lol. Hopefully my levels will be high enough and I won't need to do a 3rd blood draw like last time.

I had a lovely morning today. The girls had a sleepover last night with Gammoe since my appointment would have made D late for school. So this morning, I got up, got dressed in my Women's Retreat shirt, and headed off to have my blood drawn. I liked being able to look down and remember the verse from Luke 1:45: "Blessed is she who believes that the Lord would keep his promises to her." Isn't that the truth, talk about how Faithful God has been through all this.
 After my blood draw, I went to Starbucks to do my bible study outside in peace and quiet then I headed to get a pedicure and then had lunch with Grammy at Beach diner. It was a glorious relaxing morning!

At noon, I then headed to the hospital to meet my friend Jessica's new son Banks who was born this morning! She is my friend who lost her twin boys a year ago at 21 weeks and has had a long road to get to this point today where she is finally able to hold her son in her arms. Again God's faithfulness at work right here! 
I picked up D from school, finally heard from the Doctor to confirm I was pregnant and we had soccer and dinner and finally I am sitting down to do my blog.  Busy but great day! 

I do have to confess though. I wasn't as worried because I took a pregnancy test before hand this morning. Well to be honest I have taken 3 in the past few days which was not a good choice on my part. Last Thursday I couldn't sleep and the anxiety of it was killing me so I said let's just take a test. I knew it was probably too early, but maybe the hormone was already there and could be detected. Big mistake. I got this. 

A big fat not pregnant. It definitely was not what I wanted to see, but it also didn't completely ruin my thoughts that it didn't work this time. I just told myself it was way too early and to wait till Saturday which is when I could tell last time. So Saturday morning, Dave got called into a surgery at 6 am and as soon as he left, I hopped up and took another test. It said pregnant! I called him immediately so excited! So I shared the good news at Blakely's party with the family, but of course wanted to confirm it today with a blood test. I also took 1 more test this morning to make sure I wasn't having an early miscarriage and we were still good. :)
Pregnancy test #3
So baby step/hurdle #1 we are past. Got to get past step # 2 on Friday and then we will shoot for Step # 3 which will be my ultrasound on April 18th. Slowly but surely! Thank you all so much for your prayers and for my amazing family who have helped TREMENDOUSLY over the past week and half with my kids and anything we needed. Hopefully we will have a beautiful healthy baby at the end of this! I'll be back Friday with my 2nd blood draw results! Thank you all again and keep those prayers coming for a healthy baby! XOXO

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